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Your Favorite Wrestlers Ever: Chris McDonald

Now that my own favorites list is out of the way, I posed the question to some of my colleagues in the fan/writer community. Who are your favorite five wrestlers?

We're restarting the Fave Five train this week with TWB superfan Chris McDonald. He's a humble 'rasslin' fan who loves playing his ukulele and working at the Granada Theater. Here are his favorite wrestlers ever, unordered, because FUCK YOU HE WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL HIM.

The Perfect and the Best
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Bret Hart - Biggest mark-out moment: Steel plate under the hockey jersey. Probably his last truly great moment.

Ah yes The Hitman. The best there is, was, and ever will be. I hated Steve Austin. I hated Shawn Michaels. I really hated Goldberg. You couldn't find a bigger Bret mark than me. I wore his lame ass shades. My buddies, brothers, & I all would put each other in the Sharpshooter. His heel turn is the greatest of all-time. Better than Hogan joining the nWo. It felt real. Anyone who felt under-appreciated or mistreated understood where the Hitman was coming from. In his mind he did the right thing and believed in what was right. And yet he felt that nobody really gave a shit. They favored a showboater like HBK or moral-less dick like Austin. I think one of my favorite Attitude era moments was when he apologized to Owen and just like that the New Hart Foundation was born. I'm glad he's back in WWE and hope he's found some happiness in life.

Chris Jericho - Biggest mark-out moment: Y2J debut. Lived up to the hype.

One of the best cowardly heels of any era. His heel run in WCW had many, many LOL promos & great matches. 1004 holds, Conspiracy Victim, Ralphus; those are some of the best moments in WCW history. It's too bad Goldberg refused a PPV match with Jericho, but looking back it was probably the best thing to ever happen for Lionheart. I have mixed feelings about his WWE run. I feel that he was never really taken seriously as a main eventer until his most recent heel-turn. While DX continued the same goofy shit from the late 90s, Jericho refined his character and as a result he was never stale. I can't wait for his next return.

CM Punk - Biggest mark-out moment: Three strikes promo on Jeff Hardy. To me that was the moment the real CM Punk arrived.

Current favorite wrestler. I think my favorite thing about CM Punk is his passion for wrestling. During this storyline about him leaving WWE all I could wonder was "What the hell is he going to do with himself? The man lives for wrestling." Two weeks later he's back and as a fan I couldn't be happier. Whether its Cena, Orton, or Jeff Hardy, Punk is able to get a good match out of just about anybody. This current feud with John Cena has produced some of the best RAWs of the last five years. Everything that Punk does looks and feels real (sans GTS). His promos feel real. His kicks look real. I don't know if he'll bring back the casual fan, but to me he is the best thing in the WWE today.

Mr. Perfect - Biggest mark-out moment: DQing Lex Luger in Wrestlemania X. I hated Lex Luger and was beyond happy when Perfect fucked him over.

Mr. Perfect was probably the first wrestler that I was really drawn to. The first match I remember watching him was his SummerSlam match against Bret Hart. Even though I also loved Bret, that match made me a Mr. Perfect fan. In his ridiculous vignettes, Perfect did everything with ease. He could do it all and he could do it "perfectly". But in the ring, the man worked his ass off. And you could see it with his torn ring attire, sweat dripping from his head, and of course his wild-assed hair. I always hoped for a Bret/Perfect or HBK/Perfect main event title feud but it was not to be. The Perfect-Plex ruled and I always cringe whenever Cena attempts it.

Sabu - Biggest mark-out moment: Probably his match against John Cena cause I still can't believe that really happened.

Sabu fuckin rules. When I first came across ECW, Sabu instantly became my favorite wrestler. He looked crazy. Scars all over his body. Baggy pants. Fists taped up. And then when he started to wrestle, holy shit. He wouldn't just hit his opponent with a chair; he would angrily throw the chair at him. Or jump off it. Or do a leg drop on top of it. He was just nuts. Nuts, but still entertaining. I always rooted for Sabu in his feuds with Taz & RVD. Wouldn't mind seeing one more RVD & Sabu tag match in TNA or whatever.

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