Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bond, thoughts?

Bond—the New Bond

When I heard they were trying to re vamp the Bond franchise, I reacted the same way I did when I heard they were doing new Batmans-‘it better be good.’ In both of these situations, I bow my head in shame for ever questioning Bond and Co for casting Daniel Craig, and Christopher Nolan to create a whole new Batman series. SIGH.

James Bond has always been a super sezzy, debonair dude, who manages to catch the evil terrorist by smoothing his way in-all the while getting it on with mega hotties and looking fly in a tux. Timothy Dalton has always been my favorite Bond-due to his hotness factor. Pierce Brosnan was fine-for GoldenEye, but the following 2 super sucked. So my taste for Bond-movies were a bit bitter. Then I find out they hired a relative no-name blonde. Say What?!? Why isn’t my Hugh J. getting asked to do it?

Enter ‘Casino Royal’ installment----H-O-L-L-A! New Bond is no-nonsense, kicking trash, taking names and ladies digits (and then some), getting all cut up, and rocks a blue swim bottom (Oh my!) Would I have ever cast him? Never in a million years would I have come up with him. But boy oh boy is he mondo attractive, and the Bond we’ve all waited for. He does what he wants, gets dirty, but cleans up REAL NICE.

Recently re watched Quantum of Solace. Not near as good as its predecessor. However, still good. Lots of trash kicking, problem solving, love making. Still waiting for the 3rd D. Craig installment to beat it in awesomeness.

But, I pose this statement. BATMAN IS STILL COOLER THAN BOND.

BATMAN: has a more troublesome upbringing, doesn’t need a whole team to track down a bad guy, genius inventor, funding his own super-hero-ness, portrays himself to be a fool to cover his identity up (James just throws it out there), martial arts master, super fine, runs a successful business, never gets the credit but takes the heat. Yum.

James B, you still beat out Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt fo sho, though.

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