Monday, August 8, 2011

Future Endeavors Comin' up Big... with the Best in the World

Future Endeavors Podcast

As bloggers and podcasters, we're always trying to get the best guests possible. Sometimes, those guests are regular joes like you and me. Sometimes, they're other bloggers like Spencer Hall and Josh Zerkle. Sometimes, they are the greatest wrestling referee who ever lived.

However, I think all of us aspire to get actual, guys who are in the field of what we cover on our shows. The aforementioned Zerkle has done a great job getting current and former NFL guys on his podcast. The Future Endeavors gang has gotten into interviewing folks in the field we cover, and their guest this week is a big one. Depending whom you ask, Davey Richards is the best in the world at what he does. Give it a listen.

They also announced another big name coming on the show in a couple of weeks. Scott Steiner will be their August 28th guest, and hopefully, he'll be coherent enough to give them a great talk.

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