Monday, August 1, 2011


Yes, I know, LOST is soooooo over. But I haven’t said my peace yet. I adore this show. I have all 6 seasons, money well spent. The best money was on season 1 though—like I said in a previous post, I like installments where characters are introduced to the viewer. Fascinating stuff. JJ Abrams is the

Can we talk about one of THE MOST PATHETIC CHARACTERS known to the silver screen? I say, I DARE ANY OF YOU to come up with a television character MORE PATHETIC than John Locke. He is so dang darling, and had so many of his desires were squashed from being mislead. Let’s break this down.

-Given up for adoption
-Found his birth father and thought they were reunited, only to be tricked into donating his kidney to daddy-then to be once again deserted by his family—so HAS 1 KIDNEY—we all know quality of life depletes once you are minus a kidney.
-Finds love, only to lose her-because of his obsession with his dad.
-John’s dad pushes him out a 10 story window, to then become paralyzed.
-Suffers from pre-mature balding
-Had dreams of going on a walk-along, only to be denied ‘cause he was paralyzed, and couldn’t ‘walk along.’
-Dramatically crashes on an island.
-Disliked by a great deal of the Island Members
-Told he was special by lots of people on the island, only to die, then be taken over by dark smog.
-Dies alone

Beat that poor guy, and my hat will be off to you! I heart John Locke-and James Sawyer too.

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