Thursday, August 4, 2011


What is the most attractive quality I look for in a guy? Well, that is obviously his sense of humor. Nothing is more attractive than a funny guy, or a guy that gets funny stuff, or a guy that is a laugher. I love me an good laugher.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I have discovered a slew of gentlemen that are totally classic. My bro introduced me to them last week.

Imagine if the dudes from Jackass GOT IT ON with The Barefoot Contessa, their offspring would be the EpicMealTime guys. SIGH.

These guys are hilarious and they cook-SAY WHAT? Yes, they like to create crazy, bizarre food, then dramatically down all the caloric stuff they prepared. I was dying when I watched them make a 45 burger, bacon and cheese laced lasagna. If you’re not vomiting from disgust, you are in awww of their creativity, or you’re laughing at the crap they have to say.

No doubt the Food Network or TLC will be picking them up for their own 30 minute a week show. YouTube them my people. I mean, how could you NOT watch a 4 minute blip of a guy who wears shirts that encourage more bacon consumption, and goes by the name of Muscles Glasses? How I ask?

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