Friday, August 5, 2011

The One Where Jason Doesn't Know I'm Quoting Zack Ryder

Wrestlespective Radio: SummerSlam 2001's Main Event

Jason Mann and I discuss SummerSlam 2001's final match in his series of podcasts dedicated to the main events of each of WWE's summer classic events. The match is The Rock vs. Booker T for the WCW World Championship... yep, the WCW World Championship. Wrestling sure was wacky in 2001. Anyway, we go over Booker T's wild eyes and facial expressions, the efficacy of Shane McMahon as a manager, the Invasion and a whole bunch of other things. Come for the match discussion, stay for Jason awkwardly not knowing that I'm trying to riff off the end of Zack Ryder's Z! True Long Island Stories with my outro. Good times!

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