Saturday, August 6, 2011

Belated Follow Friday: Camel Clutch Blog Crew

You will be humbled
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For those who don't know, I blog once or so a week at the Camel Clutch Blog. It's a great site that's mostly dedicated to wrestling and MMA, but also has some sports and pop culture mixed in as well. A lot of the writers for the site are on Twitter and are cool to interact with as well.

First up is the Managing Editor and main writer of the site, Eric Gargiulo, found @CamelClutchBlog. He's a really cool guy with a very positive but fair outlook on things. He used to be in the business as CZW's TV announcer, and now he's part of our community, running one of the finest blogs on the net. He's also a big foodie, so hit him up if you want to talk about delicious things to eat.

Also on the staff are a crack collection of folks who have their own unique writing styles and the like. First up is Justin Henry, whom you can find @cynicjrh. He often has irreverent takes on any subject you want, and he's actually all over the Internet at both Wrestling News Source and WrestleCrap.

Next up is Brett Clendaniel, found @Brettley916. He's a Philly guy like the two listed above and myself, and he also runs the rumors-and-news dump site WrestleChat.Net. Yeah, I know, the rumor stuff might be what I've been railing against, but Brett's site is great for three reasons. One, no popups or malware. Two, he does post news bits from time to time that prove useful. Three, he doesn't really claim to be a news breaker, just a guy who takes what he finds on the Net and passes it along. The site itself has a Twitter, found @WrestleChatNet.

There's also Jeff Peck, who's at @TheRealJeffPeck. He's an Internet radio/podcasting machine whose site, Wheelhouse Radio, hosts the It's Still Real to Us Show, which also features Gargiulo.

Finally, Dustin Nichols is the newest writer at the blog, and you can find him @XDustinEFLX. Dustin actually has gotten himself the most notable exposure in a dubious way out of all of us thus far. He criticized Madison Rayne on week in an Impact review and got this classy response from the former Knockouts Champion:

Who said wrestlers don't take to criticism from the media well? Oh yeah, everyone. But hey, I guess you haven't been in the wrestling journalism/opinion writing game unless someone's trashed you. I have anonymous trolls. Dustin has Madison Rayne. Advantage: Dustin.

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