Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucha Corgi!

I know I'm running a bit behind on feature entries, but the WWE chopping block threw me off, and then I went and drank beers, sang bad karaoke and watched the San Francisco Giants redefine sore loser at the Phils at the bar. Follow Friday, Power Poll and Trey Irby's favorite wrestlers will be up a little later, but to tide you over? HERE'S A PICTURE OF A CORGI WEARING A LUCHA MASK!

Via Matt Ufford/Warming Glow via F*ck Yeah! Corgis Tumblr

Corgis truly are magnificent beasts. By the by, if you like TV, and you like closing out your work week with slideshows featuring pictures and videos of corgis, then head on over to Warming Glow and put it in your Google Reader or RSS thingy. It's a solid read.

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