Friday, August 5, 2011

Gaga, put some freakin' overalls on already!

Ya know who brings out a roller coaster of emotions for me? Lady Gaga. When ‘Just Dance’ came out, I was LESS THAN IMPRESSED. It took a long time for me to jump on the Gaga Wagon. ‘Love Game’ just got me going-still does…oh the innuendo. It is one of my top played songs on my Ipod-it is the ultimate fitness song.

Then “Poker Face” came out, and that sealed the deal for me. If Candy Land had a soundtrack, that song would play as the game pieces moved over the colored squares. So catchy.

I was constantly amused by her bizarreness. It’s like David Bowie and Madonna had sex and spewed out her. “Bad Romance”-another hit for me-I could blast the shiz out of that in my ride. Seriously, Love Game & Bad Romance-bombtastic….

Then we started to go downhill. She did a duet with freakin’ lamazoid Beyonce. Can I just say now that Beyonce totally sucks without Destiny’s Child?(she is totally gorge and all, but call me Unimpressed) Beyonce tried to jump on the Gaga gravy train, and just pulled Gaga down to suck-ville.

After that, it was totally no bueno. Everyone and their dog in the music business started to wear skimpier outfits, bigger shoulder pads, colored wigs, 80’s patterns, see through tops with tape covering unmentionables….the madness started to wear on me. Everyon's trying to be the new 'naughty singer' PA--LEEZ!

Finally, Gaga craps out a bunch of totally sucky songs: Alejandro, Born This Way, Judas. B-O-R-E-D. I am insulted that she thinks that if she wears meat outfits, it’s gonna distract me from noticing that her music has become totally lack luster. Oh, but I noticed.

Lady Gaga,
You have gained a point or two with ‘Edge of Glory.’ But don't get comfortable. It’s gonna take a while to win this girl back.



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