Thursday, June 16, 2011

Batista Wants to Walk for Miles Inside a Pit of Danger at Least One More Time

Via the Camel Clutch Blog via a Wrestling Observer audio interview

As Professor Farnsworth from Futurama says, "Good news, everybody!" Dave Batista has made known his intentions to return to WWE for one more run. Desire on his end is very much good news, since you can probably figure that the WWE would take him back in a heartbeat if it meant selling a few extra PPVs. Big Dave said he wants one more run and a retirement match to go out properly, and given the way he performed on his way out, as well as his run in the dissolution of Evolution, I'm not alone in saying those are words to our ears.

As referenced by the above picture, Batista has become somewhat of a popular Internet meme amongst wrestling fans. So even if his return is a dud in the ring, at least we'll get plenty more .gif material out of it. But I have high hopes, especially if he comes back and the first word he says is "SPOTLIGHT!"

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