Thursday, June 30, 2011

Follow-up: Orton Takes to Twitter with His Apology to K2

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Randy Orton, feeling the fire from his asshole comments regarding Kelly Kelly's sex life, took to Twitter to apologize in a series of five Tweets:
Yesterday I put my foot in my mouth and I need to try my best to make it right. I owe Kelly K an apology. The fact that she has dated a few guys I work with doesn't make her a bad person, and is also none of my or anyone elses buisness [sic]. Yesterday I got caught up in a live radio interview and brought Kelly's personal life into it. It was completely uncalled for. Kelly I hope one day you can forgive me. I do however understand if that doesn't happen. Please everyone trash me all you want, but please drop this topic out of respect for Barb.
While the message from yesterday's post about the double standard needing to be dropped still stands, I commend Orton for apologizing in a quick manner. He knew he fucked up, didn't try to backtrack and manned up for what he said. I can dig that a lot, especially in this day and age of backtracking, denials and my personal favorite, apologizing to the audience that they got offended. Orton's good with me now, but then again, I'm not the guy he needs to worry about.

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