Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I just Did it.

I'm actually blown away on this one. Big Sean is @ the forefront of the sneaker movement, a movement that is lead by Jordan Brand. You peep any fashion of lifestyle site and this guy has recently been headlining with constant focus on the heat on his feet.  Although I am slightly perplexed with the lack of footwear in this video, it's ill to see items that B.I.G. is championing into popularity.  I.E. Rolex's (coming back) a rolex ring,  his Balmain Belt and of course the Ti$A snapbacks.  I personally can't hump these trends, but this dude has made it a long way since "million dollars released" on the first finally famous mixtape. Check out what a little money can do for you. Compare and contrast these two vidoes.
Sick video, but who wants sickness, when you can be lavish?

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