Saturday, June 11, 2011

Follow-up: TMZ Picks up on Hardy/Reby Sky Tasing Incident


Impact Wrestling got some mainstream pub today! Too bad it's negative. TMZ has picked up on the bizarre video of the Hardy Boys shocking Reby Sky with a taser and reported on it not in the most flattering terms. OF course, if you're on TMZ and it's not because of your charity work? Yeah, it's not going to be flattering. Not surprisingly, there is no chatter from the former-TNA yet about discipline here, but then again, this is the same company that let Jeff Hardy worked fucked-up in a PPV main event match.

I was talking to Eric Gargiulo on Twitter about this, and I agree with him. The Hardys are bad for wrestling at this point. For their own good, they need to go away, get clean and come back ONLY if they've completely cleaned up. Of course, there's the whole argument, coming from Matt Hardy himself, is that they were just letting go, having fun. Okay, I get that people need to have fun. However, there's a difference between fun and dangerous behavior, especially filming it.

As for Impact, when will the inmates stop running the asylum? Hopefully, the people above Dixie Carter will step in and turn their freakshow into a legitimate company.

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