Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebrate Flag Day, Jim Duggan Style

Photo Credit: WWE.com
I know I'm a bit late on this, but hey, it's better to get on something late than not at all, right? I got a Facebook invitation yesterday declaring today to be Hacksaw Jim Duggan Day. While it might make more sense to celebrate that kind of day on February 4th (2/4... GET IT?), well, I see the symbolism in having it on Flag Day as well, since he probably was the flag-wavingeset, most patriotic superstar in WWE history. Forgetting that entire episode where he joined the Canadian faction, but hey, that's Vince Russo at work. OF COURSE he'd take a shit on America in the name of TEH SWERVEZ~!

So, in honor of the day, in addition to waving your flag high, make sure you go up to a random person and just start chanting "USA! USA!" or "HOOOOOOOOO!" with your thumb raised up in the air. Hell, do it tomorrow too if you didn't catch on today, and blame me for not giving you the heads-up.

It's the only way any wrestling fan, nay, TRUE PATRIOT would celebrate the banner of this great nation!

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