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Wade Keller Misses the Point of Twitter

Oh teh noes, Rock wuz insensitive!
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Wade Keller posted this news item on The Rock tweeting to CM Punk in response to his rant at the end of RAW. I think it's worth a FJM, hopefully, you will too.

"The Rock" Dwayne Johnson fired back at C.M. Punk's digs at him during Raw on Monday:

That would make sense, since Punk mentioned Rock in his promo and WWE wrestlers have used Twitter as a way of furthering angles.

"C.M. Punk: It's simple business - The Rock is in the main event at WrestleMania cause it draws more money in one night (than) you will in (a) lifetime."

It was a great tweet, although Rocky left himself wide open. At least that's what I thought when I read it. But not Wade...

Keller's Analysis: Whether Rock's ego was ruffled by Punk's harmless in-character heel comments or not, this doesn't make Rock look good.

Wait, what?

Why does a star of his level in movies and wrestling feel the need to fire back in a way that makes him seem thin-skinned?

Apparently, Keller missed the entire part of the Rock/Cena feud where they were sniping back and forth between accounts, and still are.

If he's just playing into a potential future storyline, it does make him sound a little petty to be saying he'll draw more in one night than Punk will in his entire lifetime.

Or he's just playing into a potential future storyline.

That's pretty harsh. If he's truly upset, get over it. Punk was a heel.

And Rock is a face replying to a heel.

Even though a certain portion of the fan base loved what Punk had to say, Rock shouldn't be cementing that he's one of the "ass-kissers."

Yeah, how dare he play into Punk's content!

A better Tweet from Rock, a more dignified response, would have been: "Punk showed me something Monday. He talks a big game. The Rock likes that. Maybe some day he'll be a big enough star to main event WrestleMania against The Great One. I think fans might like to see that. It's not about kissing ass backstage, it's about kicking ass inside the ring. The Rock is sure he can kick Punk's from one end of that ring to the other."

Did Wade Keller just fantasy book a Tweet? Yeah, he just fantasy booked Twitter.1

Seriously, this if this is what passes for news reporting nowadays, I quit. Seriously, Twitter has been used to build angles, especially between Rocky and Cena. Keller doesn't get the point. Then again, I'm not all that surprised.

1 - Props to my blogging Brohei Baba, PizzaBodySlam, for that line from his Tumblr

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