Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Five: Women in Wrestling

A look at the fairer sex in prograps...

1. Who is your favorite female wrestler right now? Of all-time?

2. Do you think intergender wrestling could work at all in WWE?

3. Which of the WWE's Divas do you think would be better suited to be a valet instead of a wrestler?

4. If you had to choose a female valet among these three, which would you pick: Chyna, the muscular bodyguard, Marlena, the scheming, salacious and sexual meddler or Miss Elizabeth, the innocent girl next door?

5. Is Cyndi Lauper the most influential female in wrestling history? Why or why not?

Remember you can contact TH and ask him questions about wrestling, life or anything else. Please refer to this post for contact information. He always takes questions!

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