Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Randy Orton's Seriously Concussed

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Via Camel Clutch Blog via Orton's Twitter

When they referenced Randy Orton having a concussion Monday night during that awful segment where the RAW GM tried to meddle in the Smackdown main event scene, they weren't kidding. Apparently, Randy Orton suffered a concussion on tour in Spain, which is why he didn't wrestle on RAW. It's unknown whether he'll be able to go for the PPV. If it were me? I'd hold him out, let Christian or Sheamus take the vacant title at Capitol Punishment (or even better, run an elaborate angle where Orton is "found" backstage beaten up, and is easy pickins for Christian in the World Heavyweight Championship match). Then, when Orton's completely healthy, he chases the title again, preferably ending in SummerSlam. Bang, there's your angle.

Anyway, hopefully Orton fully recovers. As boring as he is, he seems like a cool dude out of character, at least now he is. He's had past indiscretions, but hey, you forgive and move on.

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