Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Change I Can Get Behind, Fella

Photo Credit: Fox Wrestling News Tumblr

One of the bad things about watching RAW live is that I can't fast-forward through those dreadful Presidential "dream sequences". However, last night, they actually delivered on an entertaining edition of it... well, it was the second week in a row they did so, because last week, with R-Truth rambling about boats (but not hoes, sadly), but anyway, yeah, this week was really good too. While Khali's guttural closer elicited the biggest laugh from me, maybe the best total part of the segment was Sheamus.

So the folks over at Fox Wrestling News (something you should DEFINITELY be following if you like satire), took it upon themselves to make that poster and get behind Sheamus' 2012 campaign. There is the issue of Sheamus' birth certificate, but seriously, if you had that pale behemoth standing in front of you, would YOU question him? It'd be like if the Washington Monument grew orange hair and started kicking people in the face. You'd definitely pay attention.

Of course, before his "meeting" with Obama, Sheamus was already on the campaign trail, at least for us in-ring nerds who like submission holds. Look:

Photo Credit: WWE.com

HOLY SHIT IT'S AN IRISH CLOVERLEAF1! I'm sold. Sheamus/Lobster Head 2012... Change You Can Believe in, Fella.

1 - In an unrelated note, what the fuck took them so long to give an Irish wrestler the Cloverleaf as a finisher? Clovers are about as Texan as liberalism and Vegan cuisine. Finally, Sheamus brings us some geographical sense to a wrestling hold.

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