Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Your Midweek Links: B-Stroud, Blogging Bro-se Cansec-bro and BUY THE QUARTERLY

Brandon Stroud, who totally didn't pay me to feature him this week
Photo Credit: Destiny D. Talley

It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:


- The Wrestling Podcast! Brandon Stroud talks about Robert Evans, Akira Tozawa and how awesome a dude Matt Ufford is, all while pretending to be Mitch from PizzaBodySlam. [Episode 7: In the Aeroplane over the CIMA]

- In which I wax poetically about a Christian vs. Sheamus Smackdown main event at Fair to Flair. [Your Match of the Week, 6/12-6/18]

- Fair to Flair Quarterly: You missed the presale, but don't worry, you can still get it on the cheap. Go with the digital copy, like I've been telling you since we started hawking this. It's cheaper, it's greener and doggone it, people will like you. [Fair to Flair Quarterly Spring 2011: On Sale Now]

Wrestling Links:

- Speaking of Mitch, here's his review of RAW this past Monday. It's a hoot! [Fair to Flair]

- Speaking of the guy who pretended to be Mitch on the podcast, here's a double shot of Brandon Stroud Best and Worst ofs, for Capitol Punishment and RAW. [With Leather]

- Lagana gets the FJM treatment from Wrestling Theory [Wrestling Theory]

- Razor scores a huge interview with Jeff Katz, the purveyor of Wrestling Revolution. [Kick-Out Blog]

- WWE bans fake weed. That sucks for anyone who wants to put oregano on their pizza backstage. [Cageside Seats]

- 10 Questions with Icarus. Next week, John Hyperion will interview his terrible back tattoo. [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

- Ric Flair wants a Coke, dammit! [PizzaBodySlam]

- What did Paul Heyman want to do with TNA? [Camel Clutch Blog]

- A review of the WWE's Hart and Soul DVD [The Harrison Analysis]

- Five good things about Capitol Punishment. [Grapple Kingdom]

- Good ol' JR on CM Punk and other things. [JR's BBQ Sauce Blog]

- Jillian Hall returns to the ring. [Diva Dirt]

- United Airlines vs. Sonjay Dutt [I Want Wrestling]

- Footage of Averno's unmasking [Luchablog]

- An interview with Christian. [South Atlanta Wrestling]

- Top 10 most racist/xenophobic moments in wrestling, featuring Booker T getting Sambo'd [MTV Clutch]

- Wrestlespective Radio with guest Joey Image [Wrestlespective]

Jamie Dobson Interviews:

- Don Rosario Caruso

- Referee Jay Stone

Non-Wrestling Links:

- A letter from Little Timmy to Roger Goodell. Not to be confused with Little Jimmy, or else R-Truth would be involved. Also, I reference this on the next TWP with guest Josh Zerkle, who wrote this. Read it, because PUNTE does good work. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

- How the Boston Bruins ran up a $150K bar tab. I ain't even mad, they earned it. [Puck Daddy]

- Taglines for romantic comedies that'll never exist. My favorite? "This spring, Adrian Grenier falls down a flight of stairs." [The Hairpin]

- Deep-fried Kool Aid. Somewhere in Canada, a bearded man drinking Jack Daniels just did a spit take. [Buzz Feed]

- Speaking of which, the laziest, but still an awesome, edition of the show Jamie Oliver doesn't want you to watch. [Epic Meal Time]

- Spencer Hall gives tribute to Ryan Dunn. [SB Nation]

- Justin Henry also writes about Dunn, but it's more a cautionary tale than a tribute. [Camel Clutch Blog]

- If talk radio callers took to the streets... [Sports Pickle]

- Rolling Stone's top 100 songs of the '00s. Sure to inspire FFFFFFUUUUUUs from people who are foolish enough to take any list RS does seriously. [Rolling Stone]

- Skype, making phone sex better... or worse? Not sure what to think about this one. [Deadspin]

- Game of Thrones season 1 finale recap! [Unreality Mag]

- A bionic dog? A bionic dog. [Gamma Squad]

- Interesting idea for Flashpoint [Comic Books and Whatever]

- A trailer for the new Muppet movie. [Blast-o-Rama]

- A fine rant about Ilya Bryzgalov, re: Flyers fans [Flyers Goal Scored By]

- George O'Leary might be in some trouble over his response to a UCF player dying on the practice field. [Dr. Saturday]

- Advanced sabermetrics for rock 'n roll? I don't know whether to revel or be aghast. Well, I'm aghast if only because Klosterman gave the Rolling fucking Stones a 0.989. THEY SUCK. [Grantland]

- Dennis Rodman hates LeBron James almost as much as he likes wearing women's clothing. In a related note, no, B-Stroud didn't pay me at all to feature him four times this week. Why did you ask? [With Leather]

- The primary difference between mayo and Miracle Whip. [The Oatmeal]

- Who knew ancient artists were pervs? [Cracked]

- Better to be pissed off than to be pissed on [The Daily What]

- How to remember the ACC divisions mnemonically [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- Len Bias, 25 Years Gone [Dan Shanoff]

- Amare Stoudemire talks trash to a retiree. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

- Jimmy Rollins looks to break a world record in something other than having the most swagger. [The 700 Level]

- No Shatner in Star Trek 2. *sad* [Film Drunk]

- Bit LOST actor marries a country music star 35 years his junior. He's 51. Yeah, and if this girl is 16, then I'm Idris Elba. [Warming Glow]

- So true. [Skull Swap]

- A look at "traditional" marriage over the years. [GraphJam]

- Who knew the ICP didn't have a sense of humor? [Uproxx]

- Roy Halladay's epic St. Louis workout [I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay]

- "That's funny, I didn't think nerds were capable of relationships." - some jock [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]

- Swine flu dirty bomb Russian insurgents Paris Hilton's vagina. [The Onion]

- The Japanese interview the Phillie Phanatic. Yep. [The Fightins]

- The long awaited new "Weird" Al Yankovic video for "Perform This Way". As a side note, "Weird" Al in drag looks an awful lot like Jane Krakowski [Topless Robot]

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