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CM Punk: Making You Wish You Had Never Stopped Watching Wrestling Since 2006

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Hey, you. Yeah, you, the guy over there complaining that wrestling hasn't been cool since Stone Cold and The Rock and that fat guy with the mask, y'know, Mike Foley or whatever his name was were around, pay attention. You keep saying you want a reason to watch, yet you've had a reason staring you right in the face, well, more than one reason in my estimation, but one really huge one, since at least the summer of 2009, maybe even earlier depending on how early you picked up on a guy with long black hair and a shitload of tattoos would be a major star. Then again, if you think that there hasn't been any good wrestlers since Rocky, then of course you weren't noticing CM Punk.

Well, in case your still-wrestling-fan friends haven't gushed about you about last night's epic promo to close the show, here's the 411. CM Punk has always been that good. He's always been that interesting, always been a great worker and a rousing promo with the rollicking wit and a keen sense of what to say, when to say it, and when to ignore what's been written for him by the failed TV writers.

And there's a decent chance that after July 17th, you'll have totally missed out on him altogether.

Then again, I can't totally blame you people (you people? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE?) for not picking up on Punk. I mean, one of the reasons why he's rumored to be possibly leaving (that's the beauty of this whole angle... we don't know what the real situation is, and anyone who purports to know is at worst a liar and at best a possessor of a vivid imagination) is that he wasn't happy with the time that he's been featured on the air. So while most WWE programming has featured guys that feed your negative stereotype of what wrestlers are now that the "cool" guys left or are old, maybe you missed out on Punk showing you what he could do. That's a shame. But there's still a chance.

See, from now until about July 17th, even if this is all totally legit and he is leaving for an indefinite amount of time, you still have a little less than a month to bask in the aura of the man who could save professional wrestling from itself if he's given just one chance. Yes, you still have two RAWs, maybe some appearances on three more Smackdowns and the obvious swan song at Money in the Bank. I'd say stick around for all that and see what you've been missing for the last five years on the WWE stage and even the last 10 years if you count his time in the indies. Better late than never, right?

And hell, during that time, pay attention to some of the other guys too. Sure, you may have been put off by Randy Orton, John Cena or whatever, but since you've been gone, there are a whole other cast of characters who might bid you to stay. Evan Bourne, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Alberto del Rio, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Alex Riley and especially that mouthy kid from the Real World, y'know, the one who wanted to be a wrestler so bad... yeah, The Miz, especially him... they're all worth a fresh look in my estimation. If you like them, then hey, wrestling's fun again. If not? Well, you only have to keep paying attention until Punk presumably leaves.

But then again, he might not leave. He might be yanking all our chains and sticking around, which means you'll luck out. The more morose among us, y'know, the kind of fans who are analogous to the die hard sports fans who get pissed off because their team does well and attracts all these bandwagon phonies aboard, may not think you "deserve" to (as if you need to be deserving to watch grown men pretend fight in their underwear... don't mind them), but hey, I say the more the merrier, especially if you read my blog (CHEAP PLUG). You'll have been witness to a truly historic moment in pro wrestling, one that you can say you were there for.

Yeah, Punk might have made you kick yourself that you weren't watching all this time, and honestly, you should be kicking yourself. You deprived yourself of watching a master at work. Then again, if he leaves, it's not all bad. WWE is slowly but surely getting its DVD library on Netflix, so you'll have ample opportunity to catch up.

Even if that means you only get to watch what we all enjoyed firsthand after the fact.

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