Monday, June 27, 2011

Instant Feedback: No Pillow Fights

I'll give them credit. They could have made the Divas match between Kelly Kelly and Nikki Bella a fluff match, like a pillow fight or a song and dance. They didn't. IT was a submission match. Could it be that maybe they're serious about treating the Divas like women and not silicone and smiles? Well, most of them would have to learn how to work, but it's a start.

That being said, I was rooting so hard for a pillow fight to show up during one of the men's matches. I mean, pro wrestling is a bit homoerotic as it is. It would have been fucking hilarious if Kane and CM Punk hit each other with pillows, although I wouldn't have put it past Punk to load up a pillowcase with doorknobs. IT would have been awesome.

Either way, though, this was a pretty dull show with some good moments. Again, Mark Henry wrecking shit was a big high point in the show. Seriously, give this man a title match and a couple of weeks tossing Randy Orton through tables and into guard rails. I'd buy that PPV in a heartbeat, even if it was one of the lesser PPVs like Bragging Rights, Wrestling Match or Contract Signing. Is it that much to ask? I also marked a bit at WCW-o-Rama going on, with Booker T, Rey Mysterio and DDP all in the same segment, being joined with the only major player not to work for WCW during those days, Shawn Michaels. Speaking of HBK, I thought he and Punk had a GREAT back and forth to start the show.

But it wasn't all good this week. Ziggler and Kofi are running out of story to tell without help from creative. The Sin Cara/Evan Bourne match was okay, but it felt a bit stunted and somewhat sloppy. Again, Jerry Lawler gets to make fat jokes at Vickie Guerrero.

But then again, it all comes back to Punk, doesn't it? It does. The pseudo-shoot promo to end the show was brilliant. Holy fuck, was it brilliant. The only thing that would have made it better is if he had a Troll Face mask on. Brilliant. Youtube this shit if you can. If you missed RAW... holy shit.

This is 2011's Nexus moment.

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