Monday, June 13, 2011

Instant Feedback: WE WANT RYDER

In the grand tradition of fucking with a guy in his hometown, there were three hours on RAW, and Zack Ryder appeared on none of them. None. This pissed off a certain contingent of my fellow Internet fans, but it doesn't bother me. Why? He probably got a much better exposition on Superstars. Yep, Superstars, you know, that show that moved to online-exclusivity, the one that usually has the great wrestling? Yeah, I don't care where I see him, as long as I get to see him. Novel concept, I know.

Don't tell that to the crowd, as they popped off SEVERAL "WE WANT RYDER" chants. The crowd was hot all night, popping for Ryder, continuing the momentum for Alex Riley, creating dueling chants not only for John Cena but for Christian as well (CHRISTIAN IS RIGHT PEOPLE! FUCK THE POWER! FUCK TEDDY LONG!). For as weird and mediocre as RAW was tonight, it didn't seem as bad because the crowd was so damn hot.

But yeah, RAW was hit or miss tonight. Everything Steve Austin did, ESPECIALLY his interactions with CM Punk, was really good, I thought. Christian and Randy Orton had another strong segment against each other. The wrestling, for the most part, especially the main event, was great. Cena and Punk have such amazing chemistry together that it's not even funny. Christian and Rey Mysterio had potential, but they went castigo excesivo on it, which would have been great if they didn't do the exact same finish in the first match of the evening between Alberto del Rio and Kane.

But that boner wasn't the only one of the evening. For one, what the hell was the GM's role in the Christian/Orton segment all about? I mean really, do we need to insert concussions into the storyline here? It made no sense, even without considering the aforementioned concussion. Then we had Divas-a-go-go just for them to do the unsexiest kickline in the history of kicklines?

Still, there was a lot of good on RAW tonight. And hey, CM Punk got a cleanish win over John Cena. SO yeah, there's that. I think a lot of what made RAW palatable tonight though was the crowd. Hopefully, next week's crowd is game because it's yet ANOTHER three hour RAW.

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