Monday, June 20, 2011

Hollow Bravado
Mike Tenay was promoting the Bound for Glory Series on Impact, and he was describing it as exciting, amazing and groundbreaking. I took offense to that description. Not for the exciting or amazing part... I actually like the idea. It's the "groundbreaking" comment I take offense to. It's not anything new to do a round robin tournament. WCW did it with the Crockett Cup. Hell, Chikara's doing it RIGHT FUCKING NOW with the 12 Large Summit.

It's not the first time Impact has done it. It's also not the first time this kind of false bravado has appeared in mainstream wrestling. Seriously, the "Did You Know?" segments on WWE have become obnoxious to the point of parody. The WWE is SO guilty of this hollow grandeur all the time, promoting every match as the best match, and every event as the greatest event. Do people think fans are stupid, or that they don't have historical perspective?

A common theme on this blog is that I don't like my intelligence insulted. Whenever I hear shit like John Cena and Randy Orton being billed as the MOST HEATED RIVALRY EVER, I feel like my intelligence is insulted. When I hear that a round-robin tournament is groundbreaking when it was most likely lifted verbatim from Chikara, my intelligence is insulted.

The thing is, WWE and Impact don't need to tell me that everything is so great for me to watch. I'll settle for good, entertaining or engaging. If something happens and it is THE GREATEST EVER, then yeah, I will stand up and give it credit. But just let things breathe. So that when you do get a best ever moment, like at WrestleManias XXV and XXVI with Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

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