Thursday, June 16, 2011

From the E-Feds to Reality: The School Girl

Underestimate at your own risk, sexist pig!
For those who don't know, TH is an e-fed enthusiast. Even in years when he wasn't watching wrestling, he was still e-fedding. He ran several characters in several feds at a time at his peak, but now, he resides only in Empire Pro Wrestling with one character. Still, he's handled and seen a ton of characters. Some may work in the real world, some may not. This is one of those characters from the former.

Name: Inoue Doi, The School Girl (handled by the inimitable Michael K. Dupin)

What's Her Deal: It's exactly what the name says. She's a petite Japanese anime-fetish style woman wrestler, replete with a school girl outfit. Yep. She also was among the most feared threats on the roster, an example of not judging a book by its cover. Her strikes and knowledge of how to dismantle larger opponents, especially with her feared URAKEN~!, were among the best in her home fed. Think about her as one of the ninja-hookers from Sin City. Underestimate her at your own risk.

Was She Successful in E-Feds: I'd say that since she was the signature character in her main fed, the Squared Circle, she was pretty successful. I'm not sure how many titles she won, but she was definitely one of the most memorable characters there.

Could She Get Over in Reality: It depends on the setting. WWE is under intense public scrutiny. If she would dominate over the males, it might drive some of the more meatheaded fans away (not that I'd complain, but money's money). If she took too much of a beating, the PTC and other watchdog groups would be on their asses. ROH strikes me as kind of the place where they don't care too much about women at all. She'd have to be a full-time character in PWG (where Candice LaRae and Christina von Eerie have wrestled the men), Chikara (where Sara del Rey, Daizee Haze and Madison Eagles continue to wrestle against men) or Inter-Species Wrestling (where really, anything goes). I'd love to see a character like The School Girl doing battle full-time in Chikara. I think she'd get the best treatment there, and the matches would be out of sight. Plus, URAKEN~! battles with Eddie Kingston!

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