Monday, June 20, 2011

Instant Feedback: Three Hours Two Consecutive Weeks Too Much

A three-hour RAW can be hard to sit through. For two weeks in a row, it gets taxing. Tonight's RAW was just as hard to get through as one might have imagined. Some long recaps/production segments, coupled with an absolutely awful dance-off, helped make it feel so long. I thought they could have distilled this down into two hours fine, because there was some good stuff going on here.

For one, the actual wrestling was on point. Evan Bourne did his best to carry Mason Ryan in the lulz-inducing vote result during the first men's match of the evening. It wasn't pretty, as Ryan is still super-green, but it was a noble attempt. Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler had another good match, even if it has a wonky finish. Seriously, wouldn't you think that in a two-of-three falls match, it wouldn't matter if Ziggler got DQed in the third fall? Eh, I don't know. We'll keep seeing the match until our eyes bleed, I think. Still, it could be a lot worse.

The gem of the evening though was the three-way contenders match with CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Alberto del Rio. For a WWE triple threat match, this was exceedingly well done. All three guys really brought their working shoes, and it was seamless in transitions. There were no extended stretches where one guy was out of commission. Rey bumped his ass off, and del Rio took his signature huge bump when he took a sick apron powerbomb from Punk. That wasn't the only powerbomb spot, as they combined for some impossible looking super powerbomb/superplex spot. It was incredible. Punk winning after picking Rey's bones was outstanding too.

Hell, Punk was on fire all night. The opening promo, the performance in the match, and then his promo after the match which he acknowledged his contract situation... he was the MVP of this show. I wonder if since he mentioned it on the air whether he's signed a contract and is just playing this up? I hope that's the case, because WWE without Punk is a WWE I don't want to imagine. One scenario that could work is a Summer of Punk rehash. If you don't know, Punk won the ROH World Championship in 2005 and after winning, signed his WWE contract on it. It was called the Summer of Punk. Maybe he'll sign his extension after beating Cena? One can only dream.

But with the good comes the bad. One, the voting being rigged? Again, it's intelligence insulting. No way Mason Ryan wins that voting over Sin Cara. Two, tonight would have been a GREAT opportunity for Cena and Orton to show some ass in the main event. Nope, can't have that. SuperCena and BatOrton reign supreme again. Three... the danceoff... UGH, I've seen better dancing by drunk white people at weddings than I did from Cole. And also, enough with the fat jokes about Vickie, okay? I get that it doesn't bother her, or at least she claims, but it bothers me. Fuck.

But yeah, if they have another three hour RAW, it'll be too soon. They'll have a gimmick RAW next week, but you know what? I can take that if it's two hours.

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