Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Podcast Feedback Wanted

Hey, you see that poll up in the upper lefthand corner of the page? Yeah, that's your chance to leave feedback anonymously. I really want to know what the consensus is on the podcast after these first six episodes. I know I open it up to troll voting, but I think I can trust most of you to vote honestly. If you have extended feedback, especially if you voted "indifferent" or "hate", please leave it in the comments. I really love doing the podcast, and I want to know where I can improve and what you guys think is good or bad about it as well.

Also, I want to know what guests you want to have on the show. So far, I've had Bryce Remsburg, Jason Mann, Eric Gargiulo, Seth Zillmann, Mitch of PizzaBodySlam, K. Sawyer Paul and Tom Ford all on, with Brandon Stroud's episode ready to post at around 5:30 PM EDT, give or take 15 minutes or so. All of them are candidates to return because they've all been great guests in my estimation. However, what guests would you like to see? Give me some names, but be realistic. I'd love to get CM Punk or John Cena on the show, but that'd be somewhat of a nightmare. I will be looking into getting more Chikara/ROH/indie guys on the show in the future, but what blogging names out there do you want to see?

Please leave as much feedback as possible for this. I podcast for me, but I also podcast for you too.

Remember you can contact TH and ask him questions about wrestling, life or anything else. Please refer to this post for contact information. He always takes questions!

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