Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The WWE Lantern Corps

Photo Manipulation: Chris Sims
Via Comics Alliance

This is pretty awesome. Someone imagined the Green Lantern Corps, only with WWE wrestlers instead of the actual characters. For those who may not be so inclined to the DC Universe, different color Lanterns were introduced something like five years ago after Sinestro, the disgraced former Green Lantern-turned-nemesis of Hal Jordan, formed his own Yellow Lanterns based off instilling great fear. From that sprouted the other colors. This article does a good job of giving at least a baseline description of what they're all about.

If I were doing it, I probably would have done Ted DiBiase as the Orange Lantern, but Alberto del Rio is a way more inspired choice (proving that this kind of thing is done better by comic nerds than by me!), especially making Ricardo Rodriguez as a construct of his Lantern. Brilliant.

Thanks to friend of TWB Tom Kingsmill for finding this!

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