Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hardy Boys and Reby Sky in: Who Wants to Look Like the Biggest Moron?

Some rehab Jeff Hardy's going through. I don't know what he, his brother and his brother's girlfriend Reby Sky are on, but it's some good shit if they're going to play with a fucking TAZER. Seriously, if Impact brings Jeff back after this, then they deserve to rot. In fact, I'd say send Matt Hardy home too. Hell, Gabe Sapolsky, if you read this blog, maybe you ought not to book Reby Sky for your DGUSA events anymore since she's clearly unhinged. I know indie locker rooms CAN be fucked up, but this is on video. It's hard to ignore.

People like these need help, not adulation. If you subscribe to Matt Hardy's Youtube channel, I say unsubscribe and force him to get the help he needs. Ditto for his brother. Ditto for his girlfriend.

Video brought to my attention by TWB OG-reader/commenter KoppoKick!

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