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Hulk Hogan Blames Consumers for the Fall of WCW

From WrestleChat.Net Via Hogan's Facebook

Arrogant and arrogant... er?
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I rolled my eyes at Eric Bischoff's tweet about the 90% of wrestling fans being drowned out by the mouth 10% about TNA's quality. Yeah, because THAT'S why people don't watch Impact. But yeah, I ignored it because hey, don't feed the trolls. However, his tag team partner in smug arrogance, Hulk Hogan, took to his Facebook with this gem:
But in reality it was a lot of you idiot fans that killed wcw with your lack of appreciation and support for everything we did for you. Funny enough a lot of you morons like TNA too. Go figure.
Brilliant analysis there Hulk. It was the consumers who didn't appreciate what you were producing that killed WCW, not the product becoming so shitty that the demand for it kept going down. Y'know, in any other industry, if a product concept fails, the company admits it and keeps plugging along. Coke didn't blame the public for not liking New Coke; they scrapped the product and gave the public what they wanted. Hogan though? Well, it's not his problem that you didn't like WCW. It has to be ALL OF YOU... actually, ALL OF US, since yeah, I wasn't exactly on the late-WCW train.

But for posterity, and I really don't need to post this, but why not since Hogan feels the need to blame us for WCW's demise, here's a list of more valid reasons than "us ingrates didn't appreciate his high art" as to why WCW failed:
  1. The Finger Poke of Doom
  2. Egos run amok causing bad booking to ruin hot storylines
  3. The submarining of a popular cruiserweight division, to the point where the matches became background noise for Bischoff to overkill the nWo angle, via Tony Schiavone and his announce team partners
  4. Vince Russo doing to the dying body of WCW what Kane was accused of doing to Katie Vick in character
  5. Stars refusing to put over newer guys for fear that they'd lose their spot, DESPITE THE FACT that Randy Savage put over DDP, made him, and kept his spot in the long run
  6. The bungling of Sting after Starrcade in 1997
  7. The fact that the WWF had created a hot product while WCW was pissing away its good fortune, thus causing more people to watch their brand of wrestling over WCW's
I really could keep going for a couple of hundred reasons, and I still wouldn't come across "ingrate fans being stubborn". In fact, there's actually no such thing as an ingrate fan because you're a fan based on the product you're given on the TV. I am under no obligation to continue watching a show if I don't like it. Hogan and Bischoff don't understand this. They also don't understand that people who don't mouth off on the Internet (which is their God-given right if they do, by the way) about displeasure over direction are also the ones not watching, not just the vocal ones, whether legit or trollish in nature.

But hey, I guess it's easier to blame us than it is to blame themselves. It just goes to show how fucking clueless both Hogan and Bischoff (and by extension, Russo and Dixie Carter) are about all this.

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