Monday, June 6, 2011

If This Be the End for Adam Pearce

Photo Credit: Lucha World
Via F4W Online via Adam Pearce's Facebook

If you've been wondering where "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce has been on NWA Hollywood since dropping the NWA World Championship to Colt Cabana, well, it's because he's been hurt. So hurt that he might have to retire. That's a big deal. The guy is still on the right side of 35, but working a high-impact indie style may put him on the sidelines, which would suck, regardless of some of the less-than-savory rumors I've heard about him.

That being said, he still has that June 24th doctor's appointment, and he may still have some fight left in him. I hope he gets good news, and can go out on his own terms. The guy may be the most under-the-radar indie star on the scene right now. He's known more for his ROH booking than anything, although he's got a PWG World Championship and three NWA World Titles under his belt. I've only really seen one match of his, but it was a really good one, a steel cage match where he lost that PWG title to Frankie Kazarian.

Anyway, if it is the end for him, then it's the end. But I'm at least hoping he gets a little closure that he can get for himself.

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