Thursday, June 2, 2011

Somebody Gon' Get They Ass Trolled

u mad?
Via South Atlanta Wrestling Via Dot Net

At the latest Smackdown tapings, Mark Henry moseyed on out from the back for a post-taping dark match against... well no one. Yep, apparently, the Smackdown bookers decided to troll the shit out Henry, and by extension, the live crowd, by having him wait out there for 20 minutes without sending an opponent out for him.

I'm a fan of a good troll as anyone, but there are a couple of things here to consider. One, Smackdown's head of creative is still Michael PS Hayes, I think. That's important to remember, as Hayes was suspended from his job at one point in 2008 (or was it 2009?) for making a racial slur directed at Henry. So there's heat there, and I'm not sure if this was a troll or something a little more mean-spirited. Two, and this is the important thing that Dave noted in his blog entry, that royally pissed off the live crowd. No matter whether wrestling is huge or whether it's maybe on a downturn, there's really no excuse for trolling the crowd. They're revenue generators. Whether they've sold out the building or whether it's half-capacity, they're the people you need to be satisfying. It's one thing to book a controversial main event. It's a whole other thing to falsely advertise a dark match main event and then not deliver in the name of trolling a guy who really probably didn't deserve it.

If you want to rib Henry, do it in a way that will rib just him and not the crowd. Otherwise, just give the crowd what they want, and that's a wrestling match to cap the show.

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