Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vickie Guerrero Is Totally Not Fat

Via WrestleChat.Net

Okay, normally I don't jump on the kind of "ZOMG HAWT PIX" train that the Heyman Hustle has denigrated into, but this is a special case. Apparently, Vickie Guerrero, victim of on-camera fat shaming by WWE babyfaces, took some bikini pics for her personal website. The full set of pics won't be up until the site launches, but clicking through the link will show you the first in the set. And let me say... yeah, the next person that calls her fat should be slapped around with a live sturgeon. Below the neck, she is about as smoking hot as anyone else in the company.

It just goes to show the cognitive dissonance between how Vickie looks and how the WWE wants us to think she looks in the name of heel heat. She can annoy a crowd without being fat-shamed. And if she's in on it, then she's doing herself a grave, grave injustice.

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