Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your Midweek Links: Baaaahston Edition

Not the picture selected for Corgi Addict, but still, it's my doggie!
Photo Credit: Me
It's hump day, so here are some links to help get you through the rest of the week:


- Have you listened to Episode 5 of TWP yet? If not, WHAT THE SHIT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Especially if you're a PWG fan! [Episode 5: Paul London Calling]

- My dog made it to the Corgi Addict Tumblr page. Why? BECAUSE HE'S THE BEST DOG EVER, GAWD. [Obsessive Corgi Disorder]

Wrestling Links

- Fucked up story out of All-Japan Pro Wrestling. One wrestler beats the shit out of another one in the locker room (legit) while four others watched, and the victim is in a coma. Keiji Mutoh has to resign his presidency over this. [Cageside Seats]

- Even in announcing her hiatus, Kharma's still a game-changer. [Fair to Flair]

- Rosa Mendes apparently had a wardrobe malfunction last night in a dark match. The bad news? It was in a dark match. [Diva Dirt]

- Eric Gargiulo recounts the best jobbers from the 1980s WWF. [Camel Clutch Blog]

- DDS interviews Serena Deeb. [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

- Jesse Ventura shares his Macho Man memories. [I Want Wrestling]

- Shaq and WWE are a great fit. Seriously. [South Atlanta Wrestling]

- Classic promo alert: Bill Dundee's tall tale spun about Macho Man. [Kentucky Fried 'Rasslin']

- Warrior making a ton of random noises. [PizzaBodySlam's Tumblr]

- Obligatory Best and Worst of RAW for this week [With Leather]

Jamie Dobson Interviews

- Player Uno

- Sensational Scott Reed

- GQ Gallo

Non-Wrestling Links

- Bill Simmons launched a new site, Grantland. Here's one of the first articles, about LeBron James not measuring up in the Finals. [Grantland]

- Flava Flav had a $6M coke habit. Sounds low to me. [Warming Glow]

- Unreality's review of what I thought was Game of Thrones most important episode this season. [Unreality Mag]

- 25 Awesome Sand Castles... before the waves knocked them down, of course [Holy Taco]

- Meme alert: Things Fry isn't sure of. [Gamma Squad]

- How to make a successful movie [Pleated Jeans]

- Marty Day reviews Super 8 [Blast-o-Rama]

- Mountain West's new logo looks eerily familiar... [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- Chloe Sevigny to play a pre-op tranny assassin on TV. I don't care what you say, it's not as embarrassing a role as having to blow Vincent Gallo on camera. [Screen Junkies]

- Hipsters are making fishing lures a fashion statement. They make it really hard for me not to hate them... [Film Drunk]


- Dogs chase cats, AT-ATs chase dogs. [Skull Swap]

- Danger Guerrero gives us a peek in Domonic Brown's first day at Phillies High. [The Fightins]

- A look at how randomly NASCAR doles out penalties. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

- Nathan Horton gets laid out. Aaron Rome will sit until Game 7 (if necessary) for the late hit. [Puck Daddy]

- Wanna hear a voicemail from a butthurt patron getting kicked out of the Alamo Drafthouse Theater for texting? Of course you do! [Uproxx]

- Best comic book bars ever. [Topless Robot]

- Sixers about to get sold. [The 700 Level]

- A retrospective on Terrelle Pryor's abrupt end to his college career. Meanwhile, the bottom has really fallen out on tOSU, hasn't it? [Dr. Saturday]

- Ain't it true? [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]

- Alternate titles to current sports books [Sports Pickle]

- Y'know, if you follow the Phils, you'd think this article WASN'T in the Onion. [Onion Sports Network]

- Guy plays with his junk in front of teenagers at a Burger King... yep. [With Leather]

- 100 Funniest Brits [BuzzFeed]

- A rant about fan comics. [Comic Books and Whatever]

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