Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston: Bringing the US Championship Back?

Talkin' title... I like it
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I know a lot among us were mesmerized by the fact that Zack Ryder had a match on RAW this past week, and you might have missed some other things going on. (speaking of Zack... cool montage, bro) One, Dolph Ziggler got behind the mic in the broadcast booth along with his business associate Vickie Guerrero to commentate a match that his rival, United States Champion Kofi Kingston was wrestling in. In a shocking twist, Ziggler spent most of the match letting Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole how much he wants to be United States Champion...

*record scratch*

...what? Wrestlers in 2011 WWE, focusing in on a secondary title belt? This is madness! Surely they made a mistake, or there wasn't someone in Ziggler's ear telling him to think of other ways to slander Kofi, because I thought no one cared about the secondary titles. Regardless of reasoning though, I'm glad to hear that there's a new focus on the US Championship, even if it's just been put in this week.

The best part of a vibrant, memorable midcard is when the guys have something to fight for. Would the WWF have been as indelibly marked in our minds if Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart fought over, I dunno, spilled coffee or some other inane reason? Maybe, maybe not, but I venture a guess that the fact that they had the Intercontinental Championship as a prize, or as a MacGuffin as KSP and Jason Mann call it, made it stand out. People say titles aren't important anymore, but when was the last time either the US or IC title were treated with respect for more than one feud at a time? When a title is important, it enhances the feud and can make even the most mundane, hackneyed traditional wrestling build feel important, because hey, they're fighting for something.

So that's why I was genuinely happy to hear Ziggler talk about the United States Championship in commentary like it was something to strive for, something to earn. The key is keeping that narrative going through Capitol Punishment and throughout the rest of the year.

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