Thursday, June 9, 2011

From the E-Feds to Reality: Team Tremendous

The Good Prof definitely was the best teacher
Note, this feature's too young to reboot. SORRY.

For those who don't know, TH is an e-fed enthusiast. Even in years when he wasn't watching wrestling, he was still e-fedding. He ran several characters in several feds at a time at his peak, but now, he resides only in Empire Pro Wrestling with one character. Still, he's handled and seen a ton of characters. Some may work in the real world, some may not. This is one of those characters from the former.

Names: Professor Tremendous and El Tremendo, Team Tremendous (handled by Dan West and Bill Dempsey, respectively, described by some as the Lennon and McCartney of e-fedding... funny, they're both still alive and neither have been rumored to have died either)

What's Their Deal: Well, I'll describe both of them in detail in a bit, but they're both crackpots. Like, major league, real deal, lying, cheating, stealing, disingenuous and yet preeminently hilarious shysters. Prof T was, as his name might suggest, a teacher, albeit in name only. He became more like a den father for a band of social rejects and the scum of the earth. EL Tremendo, meanwhile, was more like a crackpot luchador, like a fucked-up, comedic dynamo that found a lot of singles success after splitting from Team Tremendous and carrying on in a different fed.

Were They Successful in E-Feds: I'd say both their title résumés speak for themselves. They each won a bunch of titles, with the best of the bunch being Prof T's MBE World Championship.

Could They Get Over in Reality: It depends on where, actually. Both guys were known for raunchy humor at times and absurd humor at others. I'd imagine them as Santino if Santino weren't restrained by the WWE's usage for him. Of course, that begs the question, if Santino were turned up to 11 in terms of absurdity, would he still be over? Well, one thing's for certain... I'd probably still enjoy the hell out of him.

See, the Tremendous Ones were both guys I dug the hell out of. I'd go so far as to say Prof T may be my favorite or at least second favorite character of all-time, and El Tremendo is up there as well. I spent many a RP laughing my ass off at the scenarios painted out or the banter between Prof and his minions or the interviewer.

I guess that's where a lot of the charm with the Good Professor lay. He had minions, most of them being inept. With a personality as eccentric as Prof T's, the interplay between him and his minions was really the best. Tremendo didn't have minions though, but Bill was such a gifted writer at crafting really, really fucked-up situations and fleshing them out in the most humorous way possible. I really think they'd have cleaned up in a raunchier time in WWE. Then again, the key is raunchy. I'm not sure if either character would work in a neutered setting.

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