Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Smash Your Trophy!

I finally got around to listening to the latest Fair to Flair podcast (and you should too, even if some of the stuff they talk about is already dated), and they were talking about the most reasonable endgames for Kharma (again, a bit dated, but hey, it was timely when they released it). The point made was that Kharma was more than likely to become larger than the Divas Championship. I agree with it fullstop, and I would hope that once she decimated the Divas, she'd move onto wrestling men, preferably as a tag team partner to Beth Phoenix. I WILL NOT GIVE THAT DREAM UP, YOU N00BS.

However, before she got to that point, she'd have to win the Divas Title, right? There'd be no way that she'd logically go from the women to the men without doing EVERYTHING there was to do in the Divas division, right? But what would she do with the Divas Championship after she won it, a prize that is so obviously below her that it's not even funny?

K. Sawyer Paul had the idea on the podcast that she should destroy it.

I was taken bit aback by the suggestion at first, but after a moment or so to process it, yeah, I'm totally digging on the idea. What other way would be fitting enough for the primal, savage Un-Diva to celebrate her more than eventual winning of the title belt? No other way, that's what. It really would be symbolic of her domination of the Barbie-type women in the WWE. But that's not what I wanted to write this post about.

When was the last time the WWE had a really good trophy-smashing or title belt desecration? I mean, when someone came in and destroyed another guy's accolade? Big Show going all hurricane mode on Jack Swagger's childhood trophy display was the most recent, but then again, those were props he brought in. When was the last time someone took a title or a trophy earned from a WWF/E-sponsored event and destroyed it? Was it Curt Hennig stealing and destroying Hulk Hogan's WWF Championship? Bret Hart smashing Bad News Brown's trophy?

Either way, it's an awesome visual, and a great way to get heat for a guy, obviously. It would also be a perfect opportunity to really associate someone with a title belt. For example, how about someone winning the spinner belt from John Cena, destroying it and having a new one made for him? Or someone foreign winning the United States Championship, destroying it and then renaming the title after the nationality the guy is. The heat would be off the charts.

So yeah, I really think they should do a good, old-fashioned accolade destruction. Hold a sham tournament and smash the trophy. Burn a title belt. Throw it in the incinerator. A trash compactor. SOMETHING! Why? Because it'd be awesome, that's why.

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