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Your Midweek Links: Kharma Police

Lot of Kharma links this week
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It's Hump Day, so if you're having a little trouble getting through the midpoint, here are some links to get you through:


- In case you haven't listened to it yet, here's The Wrestling Podcast's Randy Savage Tribute Episode, with Seth Zillmann of the A1 Podcast. [Episode 4: The Macho Man Who Sold the World]

- More Macho Man podcasting goodness, Jason Mann and I talk about the first SummerSlam main event on his podcast. [Wrestlespective Radio]

Wrestling Links:

- Rare Macho Man audio [I Want Wrestling]

- John Hyperion interviews Rachel Summerlyn. [Dirty Dirty Sheets]

- Stephen T. Stone takes his turn shouting into the abyss re: the WWE's booking habits. [Grapple Kingdom]

- Speaking of shouting into the abyss, Andre Harrison's five point plan to save TNA. [The Harrison Analysis]

- A review of Brock Lesnar's new book from David Bixenspan. It's not a good one. [Cageside Seats]

- Bruiser Brody abusing the son-in-law of Dick the Bruiser. [South Atlanta Wrestling]

- Trey Irby of Wrestling Theory guests on Fair to Flair with a piece about Kharma and feminism. [Fair to Flair]

- Speaking of Wrestling Theory, more on Kharma, as to why the Bella Twins' attacks on Kharma weren't as bad as some though. [Wrestling Theory]

- Even MORE Kharma, my blogging Bro-bby Heenan, PizzaBodySlam, with his reply to that thread on Tumblr. [PizzaBodySlam Tumblr]

- Common sense about Kharma's comments about Jim Ross on Monday. [Camel Clutch Blog]

- A month of Kharma in WWE: A retrospective. [Diva Dirt]

- Razor gives the THQ press release on WWE '12 the FJM treatment. [Kick-Out!! Wrestling]

- Best and Worst of RAW for this past week... maybe the best one yet. [With Leather]

- Jerry Lawler's recollections of working with and against Randy Savage [Kentucky Fried 'Rasslin']

Jamie Dobson Interviews:

- Johnny Gargano

- Justin Mane

- CJ O'Doyle

- Marc Mandrake

Non-Wrestling Links:

- While Jim Tressel finds support from a legendary golfer... [Dr. Saturday]

- ...he gets no such love from an actual, honest-to-God alumnus of the school he boned. [With Leather]

- I'd totally eat at a food truck called This Is Spinal Tapas [Film Drunk]

- To jack it to pictures of a hot coworker or not to jack it to pictures of a hot coworker? That is the question. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

- Ever wonder what a "Canuck" was? With the Stanley Cup Finals upon us, I'm sure you have. [Puck Daddy]

- DC Comics rebooting ALL of their series this coming fall. I like this idea a lot, actually, although the only comic series I really read, Green Lantern, doesn't need one. [Topless Robot]

- Cracked Photoplasty: What if real life were like RPGs? [Cracked]

- You think our leaders say dumb shit? Queen Elizabeth's husband has been gaffing for 90 years now! [The Independent]

- The Phillies get a visit from Guy Fieri... [Zoo with Roy]

- I rarely link the same site twice here, but I think ZWR deserves it. How Charlie Manuel came about to let Wilson Valdez pitch in that epic 19-inning game... "Chu no my nayn?" [Zoo with Roy]

- Kevin Owen interviews Darryl Dawkins. Side note, why hasn't someone in pro wrestling adopted the nickname "Chocolate Thunder" yet? [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

- The evolution of Super Smash Bros. graphics and a question about Nintendo's processing power [Unreality Mag]

- 40 songs about jackin' it. [BuzzFeed]

- Drew Magary has never seen a dead body. Why does that surprise me so much? [Deadspin]

- 25 Alternate Versions of Batman. Honestly, this list is missing Batman as a member of GWAR. [Gamma Squad]

- The upside to Jim Tressel getting the heave ho at Ohio State. Note: Jason Mann, Josh Zerkle, Pete Speer, Billy Dunlevy and other OSU fans, you probably aren't agreeing with this. [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- George Lucas has 50 hours of scripts for a Star Wars TV show written. In other news, *FART NOISE* [Warming Glow]

- Did you miss Oprah's last show? Odds are, if you read this blog, you have. Fear not, because here's a recap for you! [Holy Taco]

- I don't know, if Clevelanders haven't committed mass suicide yet, I'm not sure LeBron winning a title would make them take the leap. (KIDDING PETE GAWD) [Sports Pickle]

- When PBS reports that Tupac and Biggie are still alive, that's when you know it's too good to be true. [Uproxx]

- Never invite your mother to dirty limerick night. [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]

- Back to Egypt for you, Sons of Abraham [The Onion]

- Why Scottie Pippen is full of poop in calling LeBron James better than Michael Jordan. [The Smoking Section]

- Link, made out of urls. This is so meta it's not even funny. [Buzz Brewery]

- The Atlanta Thrashers, remembered for... eh, they really weren't memorable for anything but getting beaten by teams, especially the Flyers. [The 700 Level]

- More Thrash-to-Winnipeg musings, a more radical expansion plan from Ryan Lockhard. [Flyers Goal Scored By]

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