Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Davey Richards Is Not Under Contract

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Richards, choked up after winning
the strap
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Davey Richards is currently ROH's World Champion. He's also not under contract to the company, as he revealed on the Wheelhouse Radio program. He's still with the company, presumably on a per-deal basis, because he "believes in the product". In an odd way, I can believe him. Regardless of how trustworthy Richards is to the ROH brass (although you can ask now-rival promoter Gabe Sapolsky of that trustworthiness after the two had a falling out over signing a ROH contract and bailing on DGUSA and EVOLVE dates in early 2010), it's still a very risky proposition in this day and age to have a guy on top of the fed without a contract. Granted, if he's to be believed, he turned down an offer from WWE in the past, so his dedication to the indies and to ROH might not be that much in question. Still, very surprising that ROH is going along with this.

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