Friday, July 15, 2011

Follow Friday: 'Rasslin' Rousers of Rabble

You could call this week's Follow Friday a guide to the best 'rasslin'-themed trolls out there. These guys know how to push buttons, but they're hilarious doing it.

First up, it's probably the best and one of the originals, Typical ROH Fan, found @typicalROHfan (duh). He's the stereotype of every bad Internet wrestling fan out there, trashing WWE (except CM Punk and Daniel Bryan), pumping up ROH and mocking certain people for their Twitter misappropriations. He has his moments of lucidity, during which he is unusually prescient and knowledgeable.
Via the FakeSirCole Twitter

Second is the Fake Sir Michael Cole, found @FakeSirCole. The Fake Cole is definitely playing up the Cole character all the way to eleven. He does it well too. He's also on Tumblr and Facebook.

Finally, the newest Twitter sensation is Dearest Vince, found @DearestVince, obviously. This was created in response to the #DearVince hashtag created as a way to tell Vince McMahon what we as wrestling fans want (itself a reply to Vince's in character rant of not caring what the fans want on Monday with CM Punk). Well, a clever troll definitely took advantage of that and started replying to people who used the hashtag, including me (who used the hashtag as a troll myself). One of the best new accounts to come down the pike in a long time. Very sharp.

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