Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Physically Impossible for Me to Hate Triple H Anymore

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Okay, so by now, you know I have a source close to a wrestler whose former ring name rhymes with Clamerican Bragon who's kinda plugged into things backstage in WWE. For reasons that I don't want to get him or BD in trouble, I can't name names. Obviously. I'm putting this disclaimer here because I don't want to be just like all the other "dirtsheets" who quote nebulous sources within the company when they report on these kinds of things. This is as much of a primary source as you're going to get.

Yeah, so Daniel Bryan won Money in the Bank, leading into an epic angle for tonight and, along with Sin Cara getting drug-suspended, lending credence to the idea that WWE was going to start pushing guys based on their non-drug-use. That's not so much the case. Up until two hours before the event was slated to begin, Wade Barrett was slated to take the briefcase. At the last minute, as the writers and agents are wont to do, they changed their minds, deciding that RED BELLY was over enough to garner "legit" title shots in the coming months.

Jamie Noble spoke up when the finish was being decided and suggested Bryan. Vince McMahon, showing the side of him that keeps barking at Michael Cole to run down AmDrag for his dorkiness, basically asked why he would make the small, pale nerd a contender? He then went on to boast that he could make Heath Slater a star by doing the same thing.

Bryan then got a big vote of confidence from Triple H, who said "Then why not do it for Bryan?" Vince backed down, and Bryan won.

Aside from being a classic example of the lack of preparedness and utter chaos in booking meetings and such, this gives me a very warm, fuzzy feeling about the future of WWE, at least from the creative side, with Trips in charge. It doesn't particularly surprise me that he'd rush to Bryan's side though. For one, Bryan got his start with Shawn Michaels. Two, Trips has been in the ring for almost twenty years.

So yeah my fellow nerds, I think it's time to put aside our grudge for Triple H for burying our favorites earlier. I think he's gonna turn out good.

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