Friday, July 29, 2011

"A Nice Chianti." CHEERS!

I work with a total kindred spirit. In fact, we share the same birthday. Yes, perhaps she is maybe 25 years older, but we have so much to share with one another. And by share, I mean our love of movies. She and I swap shows on a weekly basis, probably. She introduces me to many a wonderful older movie/made for TV movies, and I throw in some more current ones (with the occasional underground older one she hasn’t seen). It has worked out well for us. Then, once we watch it we have a bit of a movie sharing-time (like a book club, but WAY better).

She loaned me Hannibal Rising. It was totally random, but we were talking about violent movies, and she asked if I’d seen Silence of the Lambs. Yes, I had, and she suggested I find out why ol’ Hannibal Lecter was all cray cray and eating people.

I watched it last week, late Saturday night. Did it disappoint? It most certainly didn’t. It starts off by showing where he grew up, and all the jacked up stuff he witnessed—parents getting blown to pieces, little sister getting eaten by evil/starving Nazis, grows up mute in his family’s castle (which has been turned into a boy’s orphanage) Way sad stuff.

He runs away, and locates a long lost aunt in France (his mom’s sissy-in-law). She is a super young HAWT Asian chick, who just so happened to have lost her hubby a year or so back—very convenient stuff. They both share a love of the mystical history of her Asian heritage, both of them witnessed their families getting murdered in front of them, and they are both super attractive people. She trains him to be a b.a.m.f. and he gets early acceptance into medical school. All the while in school, he’s trying to locate the a-holes that ate his little sister all those years ago.

Oh, he finds them. And one by one, kills them off in dramatic and clever ways, all the while he nibbles at his prey. Gruesome stuff, I tell ya. But, it made for a very entertaining show. And yes, young Hannibal is super delectable (pun intended) Gaspard Ulliel needs to be in more mainstream stuff. What a hot French guy. He has this creepy dimple that is super high up on his cheek bone, which makes him look even more sinister in the part, when he smiles. Me likey.

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