Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Doofus Son-in-Law Takes Over: Why I'm Looking Forward to Triple H's New Role

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I know my street cred as a super-duper smark is going to take a hit on this, but when Triple H's music hit on Monday night, I got pretty excited. Yes, me, the man who has a tag that has existed since day one on here called "triple h sucks" was happy to see The Game come out to interplay with John Cena and Vince McMahon. If you want to stop reading, go ahead, I won't blame you. For the rest who are willing to see me change in a way, thank you for your continued patronage.

It's not that I was really happy to see Triple H in general. As an in-ring performer, I usually dread his appearances, leaving myself to be pleasantly surprised when he does good things. However, as a NPC or a behind-the-scenes guy, I am unusually and unexplainably optimistic about what he can mean for WWE.

For one, maybe it means he can no longer do any harm as a worker. That may be a disingenuous feeling, since Trips really as been on his best behavior for the second half of the last decade. I mean, he was the one who tapped out to He Who Shall Not Be Named at WrestleMania XX. He's done his fair share of atonement and putting guys over. Sure, he's also gone over guys who might have needed it, but let's be real - he cooled off his FEED EVERYONE TO ME kick substantially. That being said, it's hard to completely shake the feeling that he was coming to feast on the star du jour. As a wrestler, there's always that feeling that he can't shake the hunger for personal gain.

But as an executive? As a guy who has sat back for the better part of the last year and saw how the business unfolded and how it should unfold? I feel a bit easier about it. I mean, he'll wrestle on special occasions. Vince was never a regular wrestler, but he was never afraid to mix it up in the ring when he needed to. Triple H has an infinitely greater amount of that credibility. Since his matches would be against guys that would stand to make him more money as the head honcho in WWE (when he ascends to that position in real life), I feel like he'd do the right thing more often than not, and that he'd make the proceedings look super good in the process.

Plus, he'd be someone new in the authority role. It might force him to change up his delivery on serious stuff too. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm almost paradoxically excited for his return as an authority figure (well, his potential return... he may not even be full-time, y'know?). It could be good.

And no, you don't have to slap the sense back into me. Maybe this is growing up?

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