Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm back...and I have seen like a bunch of new movies...

Well….hello, again. I haven’t been around for quite some time, as my last entry was over 2 months ago. School and work have been consuming my time and thoughts. Don’t worry, I have still been making time to go out to see a movie or two. As today is the first day being school-free for a month (Year one MB A over-woo woo!) I have big plans of running, tanning, and blogging on a VERY regular basis.

Yes, I saw this opening weekend for sure! I have had my eye on this little ditty for a while. Let’s talk the facts: 3 BFFs have terrible bosses, 1) ego maniac (Kevin Spacey) who has worked and misled Jason Bateman into the ground, 2) Charlie Day, dental hygienist is constantly being sexually harassed by his sex fiend boss (Jennifer Aniston), 3) Jason Sudeikis’ boss dies , and his douche tool of a son (Colin Farrell) takes over.

They get an idea (similar to that of Strangers on a Train) to kill each other’s bosses, as to not get caught. Silly/dirtiness ensues. Lies are told, nasty jokes are said, and people die.

THE BIG SHOCKER? My LEAST favorite actress (Jennifer Aniston, also known for playing the same role-Rachel from FRIENDS in EVERYTHING, and former spouse of the delish Brad Pitt) really shines in this show. She left her stereotypical Rachel character at the door, and is super naughty in this role. And her lines are RIDICULOUSLY SCANDALOUS. The stuff she says and does to Charlie Day just killed me. She really makes ya feel uncomfortable. She is determined to do it with him before he marries-as to not be a home wrecker.

Basically, I’m saying it is hilarious…it’s no BRIDESMAIDS, but it is freaking hilarious. I totally recommend if you want an easy ab workout.

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