Thursday, July 14, 2011

R-Truth Is the New Tracy Morgan

My funny bone done gets okeydoked by Truf every Monday
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Tracy Morgan's career is over. Well, okay, maybe it's not over, but after he went on stage and proclaimed that if his son were gay, he'd stab him as part of his act, it's going to take some rehab for him to get back in the swing of things. What does this have to do with pro wrestling? Well, Morgan's style of humor was always saying crazy shit that may or may not have made sense. That remind you of anyone currently on the RAW roster?

Yep, R-Truth has basically become the new Tracy Morgan on RAW, and thank for that, because if he didn't find that niche, I'd probably have to fight the urge to blow my brains out every time he came on screen. This past week on RAW may have been the funniest promo Truf has ever cut, and that's saying something given that he's labeled everyone in the world a "Jimmy" of some sort, little, big or even seƱor for the Spanish-speaking ones. In an aside, the only way that I think this character arc can really end is by having him be cornered and swarmed by a bunch of people wearing "Jimmy" tee-shirts. Almost like his worst nightmares coming true.

Anyway, this past week, he came out talking starting to talk about something called agraphobia or acrophobia or something (both are legit phobias, look 'em up) and then finished with something about spiders in a briefcase or some shit like that. I didn't try to understand it, but it was fuckin' funny. I think a lot of it has to do with his delivery too. I don't know if he's just that good an actor, or if he really is crazy, but it just comes off as so unhinged that it adds to the comedic value, kinda like how Tracy Morgan's delivery is. Now, if only Truf will stay away from making overtly homophobic remarks as part of his promos, then he'll be in better shape than Morgan ever was. Then again, he works for WWE, so that's not out of the question...

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