Sunday, July 17, 2011

Matt Jackson Drops a Blog on Why He and His Brother Left Impact

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The Bucks in a happier setting
Via Matt Jackson's Tumblr

Matt Jackson expounded on why he and his brother Nick asked for their Impact releases. Here are some excerpts:
Simply put: If we weren’t wrestling, we weren’t making money…And a guys gotta eat.

Earlier this year, we were moved from the tag division, to the X-Division. This was obviously something we weren’t excited about. We felt we were hired as a team and worked best as a team... Soon after, we were told we were being split up. Again, we reached out to the creative team, telling them that this may not be the best idea. Being the ‘company-guy’s that we were, and being reassured that we’d soon be back together and be given the time to “tell the right story,” we went along. Of course we were weary, but we were told to put trust into the company, which we tried to do.

After a couple of hot-shot-booked singles matches between my brother and I, both of us sat at home for awhile, not being booked, wondering why we split up in the first place?

A few months later, our main supporter, and man who hired us, Terry Taylor left the company. Right before his departure, we discussed the possibility of a more ‘fair,’ renegotiated contract.

July came. We were sitting at home again, watching, as non-contracted wrestlers filled the usual, single X-Division segment on the show. (That’s no shot at the guys who came in for this opportunity. They’re all friends of mine, and I was happy for them. Obviously, I’d of done the same).

After a small reminder in New York City, of what we left behind, and news breaking about MORE X-Division wrestlers being hired and added to an already bloated roster, the writing was on the wall.

So yeah, it's a combination of all the stuff we've heard or read about the problems plaguing guys who aren't in the main event in the company. I could say more, but at this point, well, I think Jackson said it best himself.

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