Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Still Real to Darren Rovell, Dammit

When young fans or neophytes on Twitter ask if something happening on a wrestling TV show is real or staged, it can be annoying but it's understandable. When it's a sports business analyst? Yeah, it's pretty dumbfounding. Enter Darren Rovell, who tweeted these missives after RAW last night:


Yeah, I'm flabbergasted that a guy who follows this sort of thing for a living would not know that a wrestling company wouldn't conduct its business on camera. Now, I'm not sure at all if it were tongue in cheek at all, but he later retracted, saying this:
WWE says that Mr. McMahon was relieved of his duties as Chairman of the Board of Monday Night Raw. He's still WWE chairman & CEO.
Still, it's pretty funny. Twitter is definitely great for getting news and opinions out there, but it can also be someone's worst nightmare if they have a lapse in judgment.

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