Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good on You, Gregory Iron

A true inspiration
Photo Credit. Lyle C. Williams
I've been aware of Gregory Iron for almost a year now. He made his Chikara debut last year in the Young Lions Cup, and he's made two appearances since, splitting a pair of matches with Icarus. He's also been a standout in several big Midwest indies, including AIW, CLASH, PWO and of course, AAW. In that last fed is where he went from being a rising star on the Midwestern scene to becoming a household name with indie wrestling fans, thanks to one CM Punk.

Of course, the subject of that putting-over was something that was news to me. I should have known about it, since Iron blogged about it for the Chikara Pro site, but I guess I missed that one. Still, regardless of when I heard Iron had been competing in pro wrestling rings around the country despite having cerebral palsy? I was dumbfounded. Then I was inspired.

In a business where sleaze and heartbreak can be the rule of the day, it's very rare to find a true, feelgood story like Iron's. If he can overcome a physical handicap to be a pro wrestler, and from what I've heard a damn good one too, then what the hell is my excuse? I'm only fat, and that was my own doing. Why am I not running marathons or playing rec league sports or climbing mountains? I don't have any real limitations, at least ones that I can't overcome through a little hard work. Yet, Iron was born with a limiting disease, and he's excelling at a medium of entertainment that can be very demanding even for the completely able-bodied.

So yeah, he's inspiring me to do more with my own life. Maybe I won't be a pro wrestler or climb Everest, but maybe each week, I'll get a little more active and a little more active until I'm down to a goal weight and and happy with my body to the point where I'm not wasting what I have. Guys like Iron have less, and are making more with it than I have to this point.

That's why he should be lauded. That's why when Punk came out and put him over in Berwyn, it was something long overdue. Every wrestler who has ever heard of Iron should step forward and praise this guy, because his story is special.

Hopefully, he hits it bigger and comes by the East Coast more often. Until then, all I can do is offer my words and hope it's a good enough tribute to a guy who deserves all the tributes that can be offered.

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