Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm that thorough.

If you get a chance read De-Coded by Shawn Carter, read it.  I'm a third of the way done the book and I can't put it down.  H-O-V is the G.O.A.T. ... I.M.O. and the book does nothing but cement my feelings towards his lyrical ability. Not just his lyrical ability but his ability to create layers in music and tell a story that is based in a world I do not know, the hood, and still have a suburban kid relate to it's core message is uncanny.  He can adapt and he can stay true to himself while still excelling in the world of business.  he offers the commodity of truth as well as integrity and authenticity.  Jay-Z is one of the smartest guys out there and is able to start trends and recognize trends exceptionally well.  This guy makes me warm inside and it's suffice to say may be one of my biggest influences creatively.  He still needs to let go of his stylist though.

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