Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wrestling Six Packs: Women Who Can Make Intergender Wrestling Work (Aside from Kharma and Beth)

Ever since Chyna pretended he was a woman and wrestled against the men in the then-WWF, there has been controversy and fascination surrounding the idea of intergender wrestling. In WWE, the idea has been teased briefly of equal time fighting between the genders at the Royal Rumble in 2010, when Beth Phoenix eliminated Great Khali with a kiss and then ate a GTS from CM Punk (and now the two are dating... how's that for interesting?). There are also Sara del Rey, Madison Eagles, Manami Toyota and Daizee Haze mixing it up with the men in Chikara, which is a great spectacle, but easier to imagine because the men in the fed aren't as big as they are in WWE.

Obviously, Phoenix and Kharma are the two examples who can credibly hang with the big boys in WWE. If she wasn't a threat to kill legit kill someone at her stage in training, Lindsay Heyward (aka Isis the Amazon aka Aloisia) would too. But what about some offbeat choices? I got six whom I'd think work well with the men in WWE.

1. ODB

I've accused ODB of not being the gender she says she is in jest in the past, but problems I have with her aside, really, is there anyone who thinks she wouldn't fit in a men's division? Seriously, broad shoulders and man-hands aside, she's a woman who looks like if she got into a fight with her baby's daddy, she'd be the favorite to win. I mean, she'd take a pull from her flask and start comin' at you like a spider monkey, a la the children of Ricky Bobby.

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War Manami!
2. Manami Toyota

This is a bit of a cheat, since the legendary joshi star actually has competed against men who've legitimately competed in WWE. And of course, she looked damn good doing it. I fell in love with Manami Toyota, the worker, King of Trios weekend, as she was one of the stars of the event. Imagine what she could do against Tyson Kidd, Daniel Bryan or even Rey Mysterio? It'd be magic, and I'm not sure anyone would really complain unless they really had a problem with men and women going up against each other.

3. LuFisto

She's probably the smallest woman on this list, and who knows if she'll even wrestle against other women anymore. There's something about her, that she's just this little ball of frenetic energy and she'd work well as a hardcore pinball, someone who was hard to catch but certainly hit really, really hard when she did come close. Well, that is if it were maybe five or so years ago when hardcore wasn't pushed out as non-PG. Still, there was a time and place where LuFisto would have been perfect going against the men.

4. Nattie Neidhart

Not everyone who'd fit into this mold has to come from outside the company. While Nattie is more the size of the typical WWE Diva, she has something that no other woman in the world has, and that's a Hart Dungeon education. Who said that the only ones of the Hart family bloodline who could tango had to be men? There's only so much she can do in the Divas division before she gets stale (and not of her own doing).

5. Madison Eagles

She's tall and lanky and with a little bit of muscle, she'd look imposing enough to take on the male of the species. I think what would set her apart would be the MMA training she's received, which would add a little bit of street cred to her offense. Plus, I think the fact that she's an Aussie would up the toughness. I mean, the houseflies down there can maim you, just as my blogging bloke from Down Under Cameron Riley would attest to. I'm pretty sure your average Aussie lass is as tough as the average American prizefighter (which can only explain why there's been so few Aussie men coming up to the States to wrestle... their toughness would make it very hard for them to restrain themselves while working their moves).

6. Cheerleader Melissa

I saw Melissa in person as Raisha Saeed at Chikarasaurus Rex last year. She tagged with Kharma (then as Awesome Kong) against Sara del Rey and Daizee Haze. She definitely had some good size on her compared to the ladies of the Bruderschaft. She could be the elusive woman who'd combine super sexiness with the physical credibility without having to look slightly muscular to achieve this. So she'd be like Beth Phoenix without the bulky shoulders and arms, or like Chyna without the penis. Score!

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