Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomato, Tomato


Growing up, the Frost family called the television remote the ‘changer.’ Why? Who knows, but people, IT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE. Doe is not CHANGE the channel? CHANGE the volume? CHANGE from television to dvd/alternate video? Yes, it does. It changes ALL OF THOSE THINGS, and more.

I was judged by my friends, as I referred to it as a changer, and they didn’t know what that meant. I explained what it was, and they would mock me. Hello! What does it remote?

As I have moved out of my parentals, gone to school, lived with others, and purchased my own home, I have evolved. I recognize the universal term of ‘remote’ with more acceptance now. I will still occasionally call it a changer though,--force of habit (and the fact that I believe IT IS a changer of things). I still actually call a scale a weigher-to which my best friend still scoffs at. Part of me believes that a weigher seems lighter than a scale. I suppose I am more of an adverb kinda girl, than a noun person. I call objects by their job. I make the world more obvious—so you’re welcome world.

The point of this post—the changer, a truly wonderful invention. I am grateful I don’t have to get off my duff and adjust the TV during an intense part of the show or if the show is boring me, I don’t have to manually do it. You have made my life a smidge more lazy.

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